home-aboutNepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) was established in 2007 by a group of like-minded youths inspired by the Madhesh movement. NEMAF seeks to contribute to a socially, politically and economically developed Madhesh by creating a critical mass of effective civil society in Madhesh/Terai. The creation and strengthening of critical mass has been sought through research, informed advocacy and publication at various levels. NEMAF promotes inclusive democracy by enhancing social harmony and inclusiveness and improving the governance and interrelationship between instruments of state and society.

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About Madhesh

NEMAF is an independent non-governmental organisation working to contribute to a socially, politically and economically developed Madhesh/Terai. We work with local people as well as policy makers, political leaders, and civil society organizations to improve the social, economic and political situation of Madhesh/Terai region.

We conduct research and analysis, dialouges and publications at various levels. We use these evidences and learning to improve local, regional and national policies and practices that can help build sustainable peace and development. We believe that everyone should be able to lead a just and fair lives, free from all sorts of discriminations.

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The Issues