Recently, NEMAF has completed three years of partnership with International Alert & SaferWorld on the “Sundar Shaant Nepal” project.  

NEMAF has been working with the University of Sussex on the “Learning Social Movement” Research Project. Other partners in this project are the University College London, HDK Turkey, Nomadesc Columbia & Housing Assembly South Africa.

In the last 13 years, NEMAF had partnered with the Government Facility Nepal, DANIDA HuGoU, International Water Management Institute Nepal (IWMI), Wagenenin University of Netherlands, IDEA International, UNDP/SPCBN, UNESCO, GTZ/FSP.

NEMAF has a very smooth relationship with different ministries like the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration; Ministry of Education, Science & Technology; Ministry of Health and Population.

In provincial level, NEMAF has a very good and cordial relationship with different ministries and departments of the provincial government at Janakpur like the Provincial Policy Commission, Office of the Attorney General and Provincial Assembly Secretariat.

In NGO/CSO and think tank organizations, NEMAF has been jointly organizing monthly Madhesh Discussion Series with Martin Chautari on contemporary issues. NEMAF has had a very close and friendly relationship with Social Science Baha, Samata Foundation, FEDO and others.