One of the core objective of NEMAF is to do research on social, political and economic aspects of Madhesh and Madhesi society.





Every year NEMAF publishes Madhesh Adhyayan Journal in Nepali language. 7th issue of Madhesh Adhyayan has published in 2019.

Madhesh Manthan is compilation of transcribed text of different discussion held on contemporary issues. Till the date, 9 issues of Manthan has released.

Reports: NEMAF conduct perception survey on security and governance in Terai/Madhesh. Till 2019, seven different reports has published.

Books: NEMAF also publish books on different theme. Till the date, we have five different books on different theme.

  1. JOURNALS – Madhesh Adhyayan (A semi academic journal in Nepali language) – 1st to 7th

  2. MANTHAN (Compilation of discussions organized on different contemporary issues)

2.1 Madhesh Manthan I-” Interaction on proposed Inclusion Bill and Issues of Madhesh”.

2.2. Madhesh Manthan II-“Debate on Inclusion of Madhesis in Nepal Army”.

2.3 Madhesh Manthan III-“State Restructuring and Issues of Madhesh”.

2.4 Madhesh Manthan IV-“Five years of Madhesh Movement-Achievements and Challenges”.

2.5 Madhesh Manthan V-“Madheshi Issues in New Constitution”.

2.6 Madhesh Manthan VI-“Madhesh, Federalism & Debate of Violence”.

2.7 Madhesh Manthan VII-“Society & State Relationship in Madhesh”.

2.8 Madhesh Manthan VIII-“Discussion on Social Harmony”

2.9 Madhesh Manthan IX-“Debate on Madheshbad, Inclusion and Election”


3.1 “Armed Violence in Terai”-Joint publication with Safer world, Small Arm Survey and Inter Disciplinary Analyst (IDA).

3.2 “Harmony, Security and Governance in the plains”-An analysis of public perceptions across Madhesh/Terai. March-2013.

3.3 “Tracking Harmony, Security and Governance in the Plains”- A comparative analysis of public perceptions of 2011 & 2013 across Madhesh/Terai. March-2014.

3.4 “Continuity and Change”- The public perception of governance in the Tarai: an overview. July-2015.

3.5 “Local Governance and Access to Basic Service”- An analysis of public perception across 20 VDCs of 5 districts of Mithila Belt in Madhesh/Terai. December-2016.

3.6 “Tracking Local Governance and Access to Basic Services”- An analysis of public perception across former 30 VDCs of 5 districts of Mithila belt in Madhesh/Terai. December-2017.

3.7 “A Perception on Local Governance and Access to Basic Services in Mithila Belt of Madhesh/Terai”-March-2019.


  1. “The Landscape of Madhesh”- Politics, Society and Economy of The Plains; Edited by Ruhi Tewari & Anirudh Prashad Sah.
  2. “Politics of Representation in Nepal”- By Krishna Hachhethu, Tula Narayan Shah & Ram Kumar Kamat
  3. “Samajik Sadbhav ka Aayam”- Edited by Rajendra Maharjan.
  4. Mithila Manthan- By CK Lal