Debate on Inclusion of Madhesh in Nepal Army


The Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) has been at the forefront of organizing impactful discussion events. In these forums, Madheshi experts and individuals with a deep connection to Madhesh have shared their valuable insights and facts related to pertinent fields.
We are thrilled to present a compilation of discussions from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd events in our latest publication. The topics explored in these discussions include ‘Inclusion,’ shedding light on the importance of fostering an inclusive society. Additionally, the role of Madheshi individuals in the Nepali Army was discussed, exploring their contributions and challenges. Another crucial topic covered was ‘Madhesh in Rebuilding the Nation,’ offering perspectives on the role of Madhesh in the broader context of national reconstruction.
This publication aims to provide a platform for the voices and expertise that emerged during these discussions, contributing to a more informed and nuanced understanding of the issues surrounding Madhesh. We invite you to delve into the insights shared by experts and individuals passionate about the development and well-being of Madhesh.