Mithila Manthan


“Mithila-Manthan” stands as a testament to NEMAF’s commitment to fostering dialogue, understanding, and empowerment within the Madhesi community. Lal’s articulate analysis offers a compelling narrative that challenges prevailing misconceptions while celebrating the resilience and dynamism of Mithila. The collaborative effort behind the book underscores the collective determination to reclaim Madhesh’s narrative and instill a sense of pride in its cultural heritage.

The book’s strength lies in its ability to provoke introspection and dialogue, urging readers to confront the complexities of Madhesh’s socio-political landscape with nuance and empathy. Lal’s profound insights serve as a catalyst for critical reflection, encouraging readers to envision a future where Madhesh flourishes as a vibrant hub of diversity and progress.

Dhirendra Premarshi’s meticulous editing and translation ensure that Lal’s message resonates across linguistic boundaries, making “Mithila-Manthan” accessible to a diverse audience. As NEMAF President Digvijaynath Mishra and Executive Director Tulanarayan Shah affirm, this book is not merely a collection of ideas but a catalyst for change—a blueprint for reclaiming Madhesh’s rightful place in the narrative of Nepal.