Politics of Representation In Nepal


Published by the Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) in July 2015, this book meticulously scrutinizes the history of the Nepali political system. It acts as a metaphorical magnifying glass, delving into the facts and trends that surround the political representation of various ethnic and social groups in Nepali politics.
The discourse on the politics of representation remains relevant, as traditional exclusionary policies persist. NEMAF, recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, presents this publication as a valuable resource for researchers, academicians, scholars, and those concerned with the dynamics of political representation in Nepal.
This book is more than just a historical account; it is a tool designed to facilitate further discussion and analysis. It aims to contribute to policy development, engage in public debate, and ultimately foster a more inclusive democratic process. NEMAF believes that by understanding these matters, individuals can actively participate in shaping a political landscape that reflects the diverse voices of the nation.