Debate on Madheshbaad, Inclusion and Election


In the years 2069 and 2070, we facilitated a series of insightful discussions across various locations in Nepal, focusing on diverse topics related to Madhesh, society, and elections. Recognizing the significance of these conversations, we have compiled and published them as a comprehensive collection.
The discussions delved into critical subjects such as the development of Madhesh and the broader country. With a primary focus on inclusion, we explored avenues for fostering a more integrated and harmonious society. Additionally, the discourse extended to the realm of elections, aiming to understand their role in shaping the trajectory of both Madhesh and the nation.
By bringing together diverse perspectives and engaging in meaningful conversations, these discussions sought to contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Madhesh. This collection serves as a valuable resource, encapsulating the collective wisdom shared during these gatherings and providing insights that can contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the development and future of Madhesh and Nepal.