Local Governance And Access To Basic Services


This report is the result of a primary research conducted by NEMAF in the months starting from mid-May to June 2016. A household survey was developed by Spectrum Council and Research Center Pvt. Ltd. on the request of NEMAF and then carried out across the 20 VDCs of 5 districts of Mithila Belt in Madhesh/Terai region of Nepal. The survey team was led by Anirudh Prasad Sah and was coordinated by Tula Narayan Shah. The research team included Deepak Kumar Shah (Researcher), Santosh Kumar Shah (Statistician) and Krishna Kumar Sah (GESI expert).

The team prepared the data analysis of the survey results, which formed the basis for the report. This analytical report was authored by Anurodh Prasad Sah. NEMAF wishes to thank Governance Facility for supporting the process of survey. NEMAF would also like to thank all the people those who participated in the survey process, including supervisors, field enumerators, NEMAF’s District Offices and its team as a whole.