Madhesh Adhyayan 1


Following the Madhesh protest of 2063 B.S., the region of Madhesh and its vibrant community have become subjects of not just domestic discourse but also international consideration. This paradigm shift in perspectives demands a more nuanced exploration through rigorous statistical and evidential studies. To facilitate this intellectual journey, we proudly present the Madesh Adhyayan Journal, a scholarly resource catering to those eager to delve into various facets of Madhesh and its community.

Initiated by the Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF), the journal, known as Madhesh Adhyayan, made its debut in Falgun 2069 B.S., delving into diverse topics pertinent to Madhesh. Serving as a distinguished platform, this journal invites writers to articulate their insights on a myriad of Madhesh-related subjects. Within its pages, we explore themes such as the collective vision of other communities towards Madhesh and the Madheshi community, reflections on the Madhesh protest, and the prospects of rebuilding and restructuring society.

Madesh Adhyayan stands as a testament to the commitment of Nepal Madhesh Foundation in fostering an informed dialogue on the multifaceted aspects of Madhesh and nurturing a deeper understanding of its rich community.