Madhesh Adhyayan 7


The 7th edition of Madhesh Adhyayan, unveiled in Poush 2076 B.S., is a dedicated journal primarily focusing on the Dalit community. This volume delves into various aspects, including their role in natural resource management, agriculture, and the overall structure of the community.
Within these pages, you can explore the intricate details of how the Dalit community is structured in Nepal. The journal sheds light on the challenges faced by Dalits in accessing natural resources such as land and water. Despite ongoing discrimination, there are governmental efforts to support the Dalit community, although challenges persist, especially in policy-making.
This edition also addresses the changes and difficulties encountered by the Dalit community, presenting a comprehensive view that includes the perspective of the non-Dalit community. Furthermore, the journal extends its scope to discuss India’s Dalit movement, providing a broader context to understand the challenges and aspirations of Dalit communities in the region.