Madhesh, Fedaralism & Debate of Violance


In a sobering conversation held on 2069-01-18, we earnestly addressed the escalating violence within Madhesh, a disheartening phenomenon where unrest originates from within the region itself. A notable incident discussed was the violence in Janakpur, where people were advocating for the establishment of a Mithila state. Tragically, this unrest resulted in the loss of many lives, including prominent figures like actress Ranju Jha, Jhagadu Dash, and several others.
During this crucial discussion, individuals with relevant perspectives shared their opinions on the root causes and potential solutions to mitigate such internal conflicts. The aim was to engage in a thoughtful dialogue that delves into the complexities surrounding the increasing violence in Madhesh, seeking to understand the underlying issues and pave the way for constructive resolutions.
This edition serves as a reflection of the collective effort to comprehend and address the challenges posed by internal conflicts, fostering a space for dialogue and collaboration in pursuit of peace and stability in Madhesh.