Madhesh Pradesh Awastha Bislesan


The credit for delving into the intricacies of the federal system in Nepal goes to the Madhesh movement. Since its expansion from the small town of Siraha in Magh 2063, the movement played a pivotal role in ushering in the federal system in Nepal. With the promulgation of the constitution in 2072, the creation of provinces became a reality. The first provincial government was formed after the elections in 2074. After four years of federal implementation, the Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) took on the task of analyzing the status of Madhesh Pradesh. This report is a culmination of those efforts.
Dr. Vinay Mishra, Mohammad Ayub, Krishna Kumar Sah, and Tula Narayan Sah, among others, formed the research team and commenced their work from Baisakh 2078. Following a thorough study of various published materials in the relevant field, the team conducted on-site visits to Madhesh Pradesh in the months of Asar-Saun. The objective was to easily comprehend various governmental activities and affairs at the social, political, and local levels. The Pradesh was divided into three regions: Eastern, Western, and the region between the two, for a comprehensive study. The team conducted interviews with around 80 individuals, including common citizens, elected representatives, and various levels of government officials. These interviews aimed to understand the ground realities and perspectives of the marginalized communities in Madhesh Pradesh.
The analysis of Madhesh Pradesh provides valuable insights into the social, political, and local aspects of the region. The research team’s extensive efforts contribute significantly to the understanding of the complexities of Madhesh and its diverse socio-political landscape.