Madhesi Issues In New Constitution


Dedicated to the imminent constitution, this edition of Madesh Manthan encapsulates a pivotal discussion held on 2068-12-29. Participants from diverse backgrounds, including political figures, intellectuals, students from various unions, and other relevant individuals, converged to deliberate on the needs and requirements of Madhesh and its people.
The discourse delves into the multifaceted aspects of what Madhesh and its inhabitants necessitate in the upcoming constitution. By bringing together voices from different spheres, the discussion aims to capture a comprehensive perspective, ensuring that the constitution addresses the concerns and aspirations of the Madheshi community.
This edition serves as a testament to the collective effort to shape a constitution that is inclusive, representative, and responsive to the unique needs of Madhesh. It stands as a valuable record of the diverse viewpoints that emerged during this crucial discussion, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on the constitutional future of Madhesh and its people.