Tracking Harmony, Security and Governance in the Plains


Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) was established in 2007 by a group of like-minded youths inspired by the Madhesh movement. NEMAF seeks to contribute to a socially, politically and economically developed Madhesh by creating a critical mass of effective civil society in Madhesh/Terai. The creation and strengthening of critical mass has been
sought through research, informed advocacy and publication at various levels.
NEMAF promotes inclusive democracy by enhancing social harmony and inclusiveness and improving the governance and interrelationship between instruments of state and society. It has successfully managed to organize research, dialogues, advocacy and publication on various issues and agendas of Madhesh/Terai. It also fosters collaboration with different like-minded organizations and institutions in Nepal for establishing sustainable peace and development.
Along with Madhesh Manthan, a regular dialogue series to note the differences on the contemporary issues and bring common consensus among the conflicting groups, NEMAF has been organizing immersion course, workshops, seminars, trainings for local partners and lobby and advocacy visits. Giving continuation to the publication of Madhesh Manthan (proceedings of dialogues and interactions), NEMAF has successfully published ‘Madhesh Adhyayan (Madhesh Studies) Journal’, and ‘The Landscape of Madhesh’ under a bigger objective of training and producing quality researchers and in the spirit of encouraging further discussions on Madhesh-related issues, and creating a vibrant public discourse.
NEMAF has successfully collaborated with donor and international NGOs such as DanidaHUGOU, giz, Saferworld, UNDP/SPCBN, UNESCO and with national NGOs. It has also successfully supported eight local partners to promote good governance, security and social harmony and strengthen their institutional capacity